Richard lives with his wife in the Pacific Northwest. He has worked over the years as a Waiter, Electronics Engineer, Technical Support Analyst, and Software Quality Assurance Engineer. He shares his enjoyment for gardening with his wife, the local wild deer, turkeys and a nuerotic gray squirrel that sends the indoor cats flying to the screen door.

       Richard has rediscovered his personal need for writing after he was laid off a while back.  He prefers to write in his fantasy world of where the muscle of a person's magic is what may keep them alive, but the healing of their heart is what will let them live. 

       He is presently finishing his first fantasy based novel, "Tears of the Shaman", with two more outlined and ready to get started, along with writing a dozen short stories and essays.  He is continuing to take writing classes at the local community college as well as seminars and workshops from local prize winning authors like Elizabeth Engstrom ( He is also a regular story contributor to the award winning WORDOS Writer's Workshop (, a clarion based critique group consisting of mainly Science Fiction and Fantasy writers.

       Don't hesitate to contact him since he always enjoys talking with people, so please email him at:

       Below you will find awards and publications he is garnering.



  • Second Place, MOTA 4 Integrity, TripleTree Publishing, for "Thoughts Out of Time".
  • First Place, Ghost and Ghouls catagory 2003, Planetree Publishing Limited writing competition, for "Dead Man Stout".


      - Short Stories

  • "Heivana",, Setting Forth, August 21 2014. 
  • "Druid Knot", Fantasy, TripleTree Publishing, as part of "Lie & Limericks" anthology, October 2006
  • "Portwine", Fiction, TripleTree Publishing, as part of "Ghost at the Coast: The Best of Ghost Story Weekend, vol 2" anthology, October 2005 
  • "Silent Affections", Fantasy, TripleTree Publishing, as part of "Ship's Log: Writing at Sea" anthology, September 2004
  • "Thoughts Out of Time" ,Fantasy, TripleTree Publishing, as part of "MOTA 4 Integrity" anthology, September 2004.
  • "Dead Man Stout", Fantasy, PlaneTree Publishing LTD, September 2004.

      - Essays

  • "Golden  Rod Eggs" was re-published in a cookbook collection by Reminisce Magazine, 2006.
  • "Erwin", Subject: Where to find writing ideas. Carousel magazine for members of SAMWAW writer's group in England, published in January 2004.
  • "Erwin", Subject: Where to find writing ideas. Register Guard, Write-On column, January 6, 2003.
  • "Golden Rod Eggs", Subject: Comfort food. Reminisce Magazine, Reiman Publications, December 2002


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